Our golf-teams play an essential role for our Golfclub am Reichswald. In the last 25 years we invested with consistency to facilitate our young players and the team sport – with great success!

Our Golf club so far is ranked (with up-to-date 29 Bavarian triumphs) first in Bavaria. Since 2001 our girls and boys team have solely won 17 gold medals and were three times the runners-up in the German team-championship.

The three biggest successes in our Club history were the win of the German team-championship by our men’s team in 2000, their second place finish in the German team-championship in 2002 and the recent second place finish in the German team-championship of our women’s team in 2016.

In this year our women’s team mastered the qualification for the final four. At this special week, the top four teams out of Germany competed against each other, which can be compared to the Nationals of the US University-teams. Our women’s team competed with an extremely competitive and high ranked field, where even female professionals were allowed to take part in the competition and made it to the finals. A great performance was made possible by their huge and intrepid team spirit, which enabled them to beat teams that have greater amounts to their disposals. At this point, we want to say thank you to those members, who have supported our teams with additional donations for many years. Without their help these achievements would not have been possible.