• 2020

    Received 2 times in a row the Golf and Nature Certificate.

  • 2018

    Golden Golf and Nature Certificate.


  • 2014

    The setting up of junior tee boxes (green).

  • 2010

    A halfway house was constructed.


  • 2003

    Redesigning of the putting area.

  • 1998

    Complementary, new tee boxes for beginners and children (orange/blue) were set up.


  • 1997

    Re-designing and particle reconstruction of the bunkers was led by Thomas Himmel.

  • 1996

    The clubhouse was renovated and enlarged. Its opening was at the first of January.


  • 1993

    The pitching and putting area were established.

  • 1987-2000

    Restructuring and enlarging of the tee boxes.


  • 1982

    Das Clubhäuschen mausert sich zum Clubhaus.

  • 1975

    The course fulfilled the “German championship standard” and from the 19th until the 20th of July the first Bavarian Championship took place in the “Golfclub am Reichswald”.


  • 1974

    The second nine holes were opened for players.

  • 1970

    Another four holes were opened for the players.


  • 1969

    The golf club had at this time 250 members and started to plan the second nine holes.

  • 1967

    The first official tournaments were hosted with many notable guests.


  • 1966

    The first small clubhouse was made with showers, locker rooms, a small restaurant and a little playground for children.

  • 1964

    The first nine holes were finished.


  • 1963

    A tournament was played as an inaugural ceremony for the first 6 holes.

  • 1962

    The building of the first nine holes began.


  • 1961

    The sports club renamed itself to “Golfclub am Reichswald e.V” (e.V. = registered association) and started leasing the present terrain on October the first.

  • 1960

    The Founding of the first sports club was named “Golfclub am Haidberg”. The terrain at “Haidberg” was held out in prospect. A club statute was designed.


  • 1958

    Mr. Wilhelm Lehmann made the first efforts to find a suitable area for a golf course.